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Sparsh, started as an outpatient clinic in 1995. True to the novelty of its name and services, it became an inspiration for many an enterprise – medical & paramedic who fondly adopted the name with or without its essence. It acquired its own premises to assume the shape of a self-sufficient, speciality hospital in 2005. Sparsh Hospital has continuously proffered services to all classes of patients for all types of urological problems from simple urinary tract infections, stricture urethra, prostate gland enlargement, cancers of kidney, urinary bladder & prostate gland, kidney stones to renal transplantation in the most ethical and economical way.

It is the first center to introduce and practice the technique of Supine PCNL in the region in 2011. In 2012 the Thulium laser for Endoscopic Enucleation of the prostate (ThuLEP) too was introduced here.

Today the hospital has all essential and state of the art equipment, ably complemented by two of the most versatile lasers in Urology in its fold (Thulium and Holmium).

Flexible intrarenal surgery for kidney and ureteric stones ie RIRS is a the latest addition to this armamentarium.

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Our health is a gift that we must respect and preserve in order to fully enjoy life and all its treasures. Kidneys and the urinary tract form the cleansing mechanism of our body. It is important to upkeep their health and ensure a patent (Unobstructed) tract; both microscopic and macroscopic. Sparsh Urology & Kidney hospital provides comprehensive care for both these purposes. It houses state of the art facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all the Urological ailments of all age groups

Thulium Laser Surgery

Bladder neck incision
Opening of Strictures
Vaporization and Excision of bladder and Penile cancer.
Partial Nephrectomy
Enucleation & Vaporization of Prostate gland
En-bloc enucleation of urinary bladder cancer.

Endo Urology

Diagnostic Cystoscopy
Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy
PCNL : Percuaneous Nephrolithotripsy, Mini perc
TUR-P, Pediatric PCNL
VIU – Visual Internal Urethotomy for Stricture Urethra

Reconstructive Adult and Pediatric Urological Surgery

Hypospadias and Chordae of Penis
Stricture Urethra – Urethroplasty
Vesico Ureteric Reflux, Megaureter
Augmentation Cystoplasty
CRF related procedures AV fistula
CAPD Implantation
Renal Transplantation

Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery



X-Ray, Ultrasound

Benign Prostate gland enlargement Surgery

Radical Prostatectomy

Cancer Surgery

Radical Prostatectomy, Lap Radical Nephrectomy
Radical Cystoprostatectomy



Dr. Sanjay Kolte

Chief Medical Officer

MCh- Kidney Transplant Surgeon and Urologist Sparsh Urology and Kidney Hospital, Nagpur

Professor- Deptt of Urology GMC & Superspeciality hospital Nagpur

Secretary- Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee Nagpur

Director and Ultrasonologist

Dr. Meenal Kolte

Director and Ultrasonologist

Laser fragmentation of Ureteric stone.

Laparoscopic kidney cyst excision.


Hypospadias -

Abnormal opening of urethra.

Pic of hypospadias

After surgical correction.

Happy Stories

I would like to share my experience. I was admitted here for Prostate surgery. The hospital is very clean and the doctor is always approachable and available, besides being very good in his job. I had no trouble and had a very smooth, painless recovery. The staff is also very helpful and dedicated . I would definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives.

Mr Rajendra Thakre


My brother’s kidney failure was treated at this hospital. He was admitted for 15 days and required PCN tubes in both kidneys before operation. But he recovered from kidney failure and the stone operations in both kidneys also were successfully done by laser. The moment you enter the hospital till the time you leave, the entire staff is taking care of you. There is never a point where you feel lost not cared for by the staff members.

The cost of treatment also is surprisingly low given the facilities available at the centre.

I am very thanks ful to Dr Sanjay Kolte for all that was done for us.

Mr. Vaibhav Shrivastav


I had kidney stone surgery (RIRS) and been hospitalised for 2 days.
The doctor is highly experienced and himself takes care of every small problems encountered by the patient. Never felt paying extra for anything during the entire course of my treatment.
Very good doctor and hospital.
Highly recommend

Mrs. Shilpa Goel


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